billing Outsourcing Philippines offers a complete solution set.

 You do not have to cobble together and manage a piece here and a software package there on the billing  and collection side. You can pay attention to the core issues of your business while Outsourcing  Philippines sets to work taking care of the billing and collections function for your business.

 We provide the very best trained accent neutral agents so that you will have satisfied customers and  speedy transfer of funds to you. What is more, we are very experienced in working with callers to ensure  that the calls are effectively completed with a minimum of uncollectables. Agents are trained to manage and handle difficult clients and phone calls, they undertake a foundation training prior to commencement of any project and are well versed in dealing with complaints and escalated calls.

There are several benefits to outsourcing your staff to the Philippines for collections;
Lower the operating costs involved with collecting receivables

Save time, our systems and processes, along with experience, enables us to resolve debt issues promptly. Hence your business will receive payments faster. Don’t forget our state of art centres are 24 by 7 365 days and our trained agents can deal professionally with complaints and escalated calls. They are trained to deal with difficult clients and resolve all calls.

Save money,the faster you are paid, the better it will be for cash flow. Expect to save money in the short and long term.

Improve efficiencies,we can manage your payment arrangements as you see fit.

Reduce arrears, we will achieve fast payments, reducing your arrears percentage to manageable levels.

Free up time spent by staff we do the debt recovery work for you, allowing your business and management more time to attend to core activities.

Recover all money spent when outsourcing collections to us.

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