Call Center

Outsourcing Philippines  provides around the clock, cost effective outsourcing for Call Center services to all trades of business!

Call CenterThe Philippines is currently ranked #1 in the world in terms of offshore inbound & Outbound voice-based services. The strong growth of this BPO sector is likely to continue for many years to come. If you are considering the move to go offshore with staff complete a due dilignece and carefully examine the operating cost savings of each and every process. At Outsourcing Philippines you will enjoy a savings of up to 75% of what you may pay locally. These savings may include costs of superannuation, payroll tax, redundancy payouts, sick leave, maternity leave, penalty rates to name a few. Then there are the staff that just don’t perform that are hard to remove as happens to be the case in many western countries like Australia,New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, UK and the United States. At Outsourcing Philippines Staff are all monitored 24 by 7, full call recordings, daily reporting there is no place to hide. We enforce a very strict code of conduct of sink or swim where agents simply deliver.

The reason for this growth is simple: the Philippines is the best source for fluent English language speakers who are accent-neutral and eager to please. Filipinos are also service-oriented people, resulting in higher overall customer satisfaction. We will help your business developing teams of performers.

Our customer service teams providing phone support round the clock. We can provide teams to cover any process and customize any support solution. Ranging from After Hours,Technical Support, Collections, Billing, Sales Support, Live Web Chat you name it we have great staff ready to go. It’s not just about paying a fraction of what you may pay  for equivalent services and staff locally. It’s also about  flexibility to scale up or down, the hunger that workers have to impress and also the proactivity of management to ensure that we are optimizing results and bringing value to the table each and every day.