data entry

 Outsourcing Philippines, data entry specialists are professional and focused on  providing speed and accuracy for all your data entry needs.

 Whether online or offline orders, manage your data entry 24 by 7. Let your staff concentrate  on providing service and in driving new business. Our data entry specialists can create csv,  excel or any other required file formats which are returned to you within 24 hours for a bulk  upload to your CRM. Alternatively we can copy and paste content or have agents type directly  into CRM. We can simply do any office task cheaper and better. We identify best practice and  put it to action. Provide a defined process and we will implement and make sure it is  exceeding all expectations. We are also big believers of continual improvement and keeping  our clients expectations in check.

All our data entry team members are college graduates or agents with a track record, fluent English that can type a minimum of fifty words per minute.  .

Outsourced Philippines data entry specialists have all the requisite skills and training necessary to complete data projects on time . Our data entry teams work from comfortable and ergonomic workstations and are provided regular breaks to provide an environment conducive to the focus required for efficient data entry.

Daily reports of productivity are provided for all staff daily. Data security and confidentiality is part of our company culture. Our teams have experience with private information such as medical, financial, real estate, or personnel records. We are already completing numerous data entry projects and at a fraction of what you may end up paying locally. We will gladly demonstrate our efficiency, staff and center capabilities even with a short pilot trail. Simply call us today we will quickly identify value we can bring your business. Once you start you won’t look back.

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