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Skilled agents at Outsourcing Philippines are always available to assist your clients technical support  needs. First, second, third level all lines of Business. Our IT department can easily set up CRM and  email client providing a ticketing arrangement inline with your business’s requirements. All trouble  tickets are managed and escalated as per SLA’s and guidelines set by and agreed with the client.Our  Human Resources will build and screen a team of IT professionals be it MCSE, ITIL or Cisco Certified.

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 How We Bring Value to You

You receive top notch professional technical support 24/7, seamlessly integrated with your operations at  a fraction of the cost experienced from your home office options.  Your customers are more satisfied and  your core organization is made available to focus on your direct value producing activities.

Tools for Success

  • Professional Agents: Outsourcing Philippines team of highly dedicated, experienced and professional agents for providing high quality solutions to one and all.
  • Effective Managers: Experienced,  trustworthy, transparent  and driven to provide our clients the highest level of service.
  • Modern Facilities: Offices are modern, secure, utilize latest technology and are fully redundant with emergency power backup, multiple Internet Service Providers, critical network hardware and many VOIP carriers.
  • Data Security: The protection of our client’s data is one of our highest priorities.  All best practices in data security are strictly followed.
  • Fast and Effective Campaign Training: Our full time training department is able to quickly implement a campaign training curriculum for each account to bring knowledgeable and confident agents to your account from day 1 of their assigned responsibilities.
  • Stringent Quality Assurance: Quality is one of our distinguishing factors.  Outsourcing Philippines provides a large Quality Assurance staff to monitor and coach staff,ensuring continuous improvement.
  • Accurate and Useful Reporting: Daily reports provide operational managers and our clients valuable feedback concerning all interactions from customers.

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